About The Class

This class is structured a bit differently from most other photography courses. First, you’re going to learn how to see photos. Then, you’ll learn how to deconstruct them so that you can recreate what you see. Then, you’ll build a quality portfolio that should get you employed in the field straight out of high school.

Second year students will get a solid foundation in media and content creation. You’ll learn DSLR video, blog writing, and a bit of web design. With these skills, you should be an asset to any company.


  • DSLRs in hand on day one (rental fee required)
  • Access to professional level equipment throughout the year
  • Learn to setup and use studio equipment
  • Opportunity to master DSLR, Mirrorless, action camera, and drone systems 
  • Work on paid assignments for your portfolio
  • Dual credit course (in progress of being certified)


“By the end of the course, you should be a proficient photographer with a portfolio and the skills needed to operate a business.”


About Pat Brownewell

I’ve been involved in photography since I was a small child. I can remember helping my dad develop prints in our basement darkroom when I was three-years-old. In fact, my dad actually taught this exact course for over 25 years. 

Before coming to the Elkhart Area Career Center, I started two photography business (one for product photography, one for wedding photography), worked in web design, and ran the marketing and content creation for a $300 million local company. Some of my past work includes:

  • Having work featured in National Geographic’s Adventure App
  • Being invited to speak on digital imaging at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
  • Being one of the first studios in the US to specialize in 360 degree product photography
  • shooting over 200 weddings
  • Work has been featured by LG, Verizon, Forest River and many more.


“I love photography and sharing it with others.”


About the Elkhart Area Career Center

The Elkhart Area Career Center is home to 30 course programs, many with the opportunity to ear college credit while still in high school. Everyday, over 1000 students, from 12 districts enter the school to gain the skills necessary to have successful career right out of high school. 


  • Opportunities to earn college credit for select courses
  • Earn specific licenses needed to enter the workforce
  • Work with real, paying customers
  • Choose from 30 programs


“Students who choose EACC become motivated, focused, and career oriented…” Brandon Eakins, EACC Director